La-Eva's ethereal JASMĪNA lightweight oil-serum is made from a unique blend of organic oils. Nourishing argan, almond and safflower, delicately mixed with regenerating rosehip oil and a luxurious combination of organic essential oils, including balancing jasmine flower and purifying thyme.


Certified to the highest organic standard, this multipurpose oil-serum has been developed to soften and moisturise the skin of face and body as one. It leaves the skin feeling and looking rejuvenated, with a healthy glow.


Scent - The nostalgic hues of jasmine, bound with green thyme and warming black pepper. A luxurious, elevating blend offering purity and gentle allure.

La Eva - Jasmina Oil 50ml


JASMĪNA can be used to nourish skin, face, and hair and also for dehydrated cuticles.

For all skin types including dry and sensitive skins. Recommended for dry hair.