brighten and balance uneven, hyper-pigmented skin

These award-winning silky, gel-in-serum drops feel dry to the touch, yet soothing and cooling on skin. Hydrating and deeply nourishing, they polish parched, sun-damaged skin instantly, while gently promoting a brighter, more even tone.

Adriatic mountain daisy extract, rich in skin-brightening arbutin, helps to prevent melanin synthesis and pigment transfer to cells. With soothing allantoin and betulinic acid, it gently encourages a more even skintone.

Stabilised vitamin C concentrate is converted in the skin into vitamin C, for increased sustained action. This potent antioxidant, helps reduce the appearance of photo-ageing.

Prebiotic fermented pomegranate enzyme gently exfoliates, smoothing and strengthening the skin.

St Iris Adriatica Wake Up Droplets 100ml


How to use: Smooth a few drops over clean, dry skin daily.

SIA's tip: Apply a few drops daily onto targeted areas for an instant matte glow. Follow with your normal SPF protection.

Feel the fjaka: On hot and bothered days, take time to breathe. Slowly inhale through the mouth, then close it and exhale through the nose. Repeat as you gently but firmly press cooling Wake-Up Droplets into your skin